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It is a company specializing in agricultural machine testing machines that meet the needs of customers.

TAO Convergence & Collaboration

As the world economy becomes one with the continuous development and growth of the industrial economy,

Continuous R&D is essential to make the best products.

We, Taocnc Co., Ltd. are domestic automobile manufacturers and general industrial companies, etc.

Initial research and development related, test related equipment and industrial automation system

From ENGINEERING to production and   final test operation, we are consulting and ENGINEERing with all our heart and sincerity at any time not only for TOTAL SERVICE but also for your company development equipment manufacturing related work.


All of our executives and staff will do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers 100%.


Lastly, I wish our customers, company and home, endless development and happiness.

All employees of Taocnc

자동차 디스크 브레이크

Corporate Identity
company information

Taocnc Co., Ltd.

A company specializing in manufacturing test equipment, factory automation equipment, and mechanical design and manufacturing established in 2001

Handling items

an agricultural machinery tester, a tractor tester Manufacture of tester equipment, manufacture of automated machines, oil refining systems, software control systems, hydraulic equipment, precision presses, automatic assembly systems, etc

accumulated know-how and ​Various achievements

*Exporting countries: US, China, Brazil, Vietnam, etc
Agricultural machinery testing machines, advanced oil refining systems, automobile testing machines, inspection facilities, test benches, unmanned transport systems (AGV, EMS), laboratory construction, etc

Major Transaction History

Automobile, agricultural machinery manufacturing, heavy equipment manufacturers, etc

포켓 시계 스윙

Company History


Export to Brazil


Refinery Development Delivery


Export to Vietnam


export to the United States




Registration of partners such as Hyundai, Kia, LS, etc


Development and delivery of agricultural machinery and lift tester


Development and delivery of agricultural machinery lift tester


export to China

Company Introduction

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